Delta Airlines: Will Everyone Just Chill The Hell Out For A Second?

Sweatpants Life

  Did You Hear The News About Delta Airlines? Some guys were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic. That doesn’t sound to unplausible these days. Many cowards are scared when it comes to Muslims. No one should be kicked off of a plane for speaking a different language and many people on […]

Streets of Rage and Altered Beast: W(TV)F

Sega Genesis Game

  Anyone hear about the Streets of Rage and Altered Beast TV shows or movies? I did and, if  you haven’t already guessed it, I was all “double-u tee eff?” Did anyone ask for this? Is that the kind of vibe us binge watching chuckle heads are giving off? What sort of lobotomized focus group […]

What I May Have Just Seen On The Internet: Piecakes

Sweatpants Life

  In this brand new, ground breaking, and hard hitting series – that will occur when I can’t think of anything else to write about – we will discuss, “What I May Have Just Seen On The Internet.” It could be anything! Elves! Elvis! Dire squirrels! Here are the rules: I can only catch a […]

Mike Pence Tapped For Major Motion Picture 2020

Sweatpants Life

The following is a little satirical article I’ve had sitting in a folder for awhile now. Thought that Election Eve would be a special enough occasion to pull it out. Enjoy! Or not.   Over the last few weeks, the Trump campaign has experienced more than it’s fair share of setbacks. Many of these incidents occur when […]