Arrid Topics

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You ever want to write, but you don’t know what about? A situation that is akin to when you open your completely stocked refrigerator only to discover that nothing tickles your fancy? Perogies, pickles, quesadillas, peanut butter and apples. Nothing sounds good. Nothing seems to hit the spot. That is the snag I find myself […]

Birthday BBQin’

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Now time for something a little less heavy. I know that many of my recent topics have been about political and social issues. Then I had a few terse words for smokers yesterday. Today is going to be different! [Steps down off of soapbox. Digs index fingers into the corners of lips and pulls up. […]

A Fist Full of Posts

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Did anyone else know that the fist is the unofficial unit for measuring blog posts in a week? Me neither, probably because it isn’t. Yesterday I hit a teeny tiny landmark for blogging. I had a new blog post everyday for a week straight. Heck, one day even had two posts! I know some bloggers […]