Two Homeless Guys On A Bus

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It came to light this week that two homeless men from Saskatchewan had ridden a bus to British Columbia. That doesn’t sound very interesting, but the why and how is. The Saskatchewan government provided the tickets. This is apparently not that unusual. Provincial governments have been known to purchase bus tickets for people who are […]

Light Up Laughing Shirt

I heard on the morning news that some Vancouver science students have invented a light up shirt. Apparently the shirt will light up, laugh and in general throw a fit as people pass the wearer on the street. This is supposed to show that the wearer of said shirt is fun and approachable. Open to […]

Internet Vigilantism

Here in Vancouver, on the same day the world was swept up in the story of Cecil The Lion, another story broke. A video had been posted and picked up by a local media outlet. In the video a man is continually berating a woman who had opened his car door to provide temperature relief […]