The Follow Unfollow Game

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I am a proud member of #TeamFollowBack. If someone follows me and they aren’t trying to sell me followers or they don’t seem like a fake account, I will follow them back. I don’t care what they do or what they are into: Accounting, kittens, travel, marketing, erotic authors, whatever. Just as long as those […]

Twitter, I Will Not Favorite the Like.

Today was my first day of actually seeing the heart. I had read it was happening. That the excellent, versatile, and contextually sensitive favorite star was being replaced by the low brow, easy entry, noob friendly, lowest common denominator, facebook migratory sign, the like with heart button. I do not like it. It isn’t that […]

Deep Feed

Some mornings are better than others. Most are pretty good in my books. Some nights just aren’t as restful as I would like them to be. After waking up and the rigamarole, the first thing I do before I start writing is check the social media feeds. First! Because I care about each and everyone […]

Perpetual Trending

You know that little box on to the side of the twitter and facebook feeds? That space where stuff that everyone is talking about and liking shows up. I swear that not a day goes by that a Kardashian, Sheen, or Palin isn’t inside that box. When I began writing this, I believed that the […]