My First Half Marathon: Epilogue

(Continued From)      I was tired. I could not have ran another meter. Luckily, I felt like I could still walk at a decent pace. Which was good because I was about twelve kilometers from home. I walked for a bit. Then was forced off the trail by some running groups. I thought they […]

My First Half Marathon: The Crack of Doom

(Continued From) One should only run away from a landmark or city when they are certain they haven’t already passed it. In this case I had already passed Gaglardi and the route I was on was leading me directly to New Westminster. Which I knew could be an outcome, but hoped otherwise. The trees were tall and […]

Running From A Wedding

I have had two long weekends back to back. While my blogging schedule has been nuked from orbit, I have been loving life. Just got back from a wedding. All in all it was a great time! I am starting to think I may just be a fan of weddings. Sometimes I get a little […]

It Could Have Been Worse

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I have a friend who was recently injured in a gym training accident. Her name is Chattanooga Ruffingsberg. I know, I thought it was made a up name too, but it isn’t. Anyway, she was running or jumping over cars or whatever it is that people do in the gym these days. All of a […]

Habanero Hot Step

I woke up this morning with a stomach ache. It could possibly have something to do with the four s’mores I slammed last night. Although more than likely it had something to do with all the homemade habanero salsa I consumed instead. I had never made habanero salsa before, but I’d had a bee in […]

National Running Day

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So apparently it is National Running Day. Many moons ago the savior of running was born and, according to history, ate a huge meal with the indigenous runners of the land. There was much peace and laughter. They taught him the double bunny ear lacing technique. He taught them the king pigeon and reverse king […]