Waiting for the Meteor

I don’t hold much hope for humanity tonight. Perhaps it is the fact that I have to pay attention to two elections right now. One is enough to make ya crazy. Two is enough to make you realize how fucked we are. I am just starting to think there may be too many crazy people […]

Taxes: Deficits & Surpluses

sweatpants life generic old

If you have been reading my posts for awhile, you will probably have been able to assume or have read that I lean a little to the left. Although, I like to keep things a bit more on the moderate side and am I big fan of compromise. Both sides shaking hands and working together […]

Ted Cruz: Hashtag Reverse Palpatining

  Ted Cruz recently announced his candidacy for president. My heart slowly slid back down my throat after the doomsday scenario was played in my head. The one that has eighties horror movie synths whirring in the background, while lousy superimposed flames lick around Ted Cruz’s cackling mug, while money from telecom lobbyists rains from […]