Ted Cruz: Hashtag Reverse Palpatining

  Ted Cruz recently announced his candidacy for president. My heart slowly slid back down my throat after the doomsday scenario was played in my head. The one that has eighties horror movie synths whirring in the background, while lousy superimposed flames lick around Ted Cruz’s cackling mug, while money from telecom lobbyists rains from […]

Bill C51: I could say something clever, but they will already know what I am going to say, so what’s the point?

  For those of you not in Canada, Bill C51 is in the same vein as big brother. In a nutshell it wants to increase spying on citizens and give Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) the ability to be a civilian police force on top of its existing spy agency powers. Why is this bad […]

She Said, He Said: Free Speech, Assholes, and Everyone In Between.

  I am going to be honest. I’d never heard of Charlie Hebdo before the shooting. I suspect that a majority of my continent hasn’t. Sifting through the articles, I don’t fully understand what the comics are saying. I pick out words. I draw conclusions from the images. I find a lot of articles stating […]