Castle Grayskull Is Weird, Right?

How many of you out there are He-Man and The Masters of The Universe fans? I bet a lot of you are. If you aren’t, maybe our society projected genders interested you in She-Ra: Princess of Power. She was kind of a stage stealer wasn’t she? Just a solo act name that didn’t give her […]

The Go-Bots Freakin’ Sucked! Part One

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  There is no easy way to put it, not without the use of harsh language. The Go-Bots were terrible and arguably the lamest toy line from the 80’s. After my post about Jem, I started thinking about all the cartoons and toys from my childhood. Then I remembered the Go-Bots! They had a cartoon […]

The Go Bots Freakin’ Sucked! Part Two

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(Continued From) The toys themselves were somewhere between transformer plastic and hot wheel metal. This makes sense as they were made by Tonka, who had a history of making toy vehicles. Each and every character stood ramrod straight with nearly no points of articulation. Rarely did they have moving wrists, elbows, knees, or waists. Those […]