New Viewing Context: The Three Amigos Is The Sequel To The Wild Bunch

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  Over the Family Day long weekend, I watched a lot of westerns and horror movies. It had been awhile since I got to wallow in worlds with tons of death and no indoor plumbing. There’s something fantastically liberating about going into a movie and knowing that at least ninety percent of the cast is […]

Sweatpants Theatre: John Wick, Action Flick For Dog Lovers or Art House Film On The Elusive Female Orgasm?

  I’m a pretty busy guy, my dance card is almost always full. For that reason, it’s taken me awhile to watch John Wick. A movie that almost everyone with a penis in my life* can’t recommend enough. Described as stylish and sleek with lots of death, it totally sounds like something I’d totally be […]

Mike Pence Tapped For Major Motion Picture 2020

Sweatpants Life

The following is a little satirical article I’ve had sitting in a folder for awhile now. Thought that Election Eve would be a special enough occasion to pull it out. Enjoy! Or not.   Over the last few weeks, the Trump campaign has experienced more than it’s fair share of setbacks. Many of these incidents occur when […]

New Viewing Context: Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday

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*Very minor spoilers follow; things that are apparent in the first few minutes of viewing.* My wife and I watched Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday the night it was made available and all in all, I enjoyed it. Although I was kind of apprehensive about watching it at first, because rewatching the TV series made me realize I […]