Break Time: Time For A Break

Hey y’all, it’s time for a break, break time! I’m going to do the responsible thing first and say, that I’m not planning on any new posts for the next three weeks. No, it isn’t because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s definitely me. Furthermore, I can neither confirm, nor deny, that there may, or may […]

Another Sunburn: How Could It Even Happen?

I got another sunburn. This is the second one in two months. While the last one took place on a warm, sunny day, this one happened on on that was cloudy and cold. That’s right, it’s colder halfway through June then it was about a month ago. I’ve worn shorts and t-shirts on many occasions […]

Phone Case: The Case of The Missing Case

google nexus 5, google pixel, phone case

Phone case, does one’s phone truly need one? I mean they protect our phones and everything, but are they really necessary or are they just one more way to milk us for every dime we have? For those that missed it, I got a Google Pixel, but I didn’t get a phone case for it […]

Bob’s Bazooka and Street Sweeping Service

  Something exciting happened today! Alright, it’s probably sad that I describe it as exciting, but the nosey neighbor inside me has been satiated. I also got an idea for a business. Which is a fabulous opportunity for a real self-starter to get in on the ground level of an exciting new venture and also, […]