McDonaldz All Day Breakfast

Sweatpants Life

  Today’s the day Canada! A thing that is sure to make the masses and fast-food enthusiasts clamor and whoop with joy. Something muttered upon drunken ears, that carries the promise of bliss that rivals the second coming. There is a milestone happening today that may or may not be widely known. I for one, […]

World Vegan Day

  It’s World Vegan Day today! I had no idea. As a simple vegetarian, I didn’t get the invite. I’m sure it got lost in the mail or something. I’ll go check the old inbox after this. Usually, on these made up holidays that aren’t recognized by the government, I post this little gem. However, I […]

The Meatrix

meat sandwich

“Put your hands together for Blaaaaaaaake Sssssstaaaaaaannndaaaaarrrrd!” Some jack-ass announcer says. The stage is dark except the area where the podium is. A spotlight hits that region with an intensity that rivals the second coming. I scoot out carrying something bulky, but no one can tell what it is as their pupils are getting hammered […]