Break Time: Time For A Break

Hey y’all, it’s time for a break, break time! I’m going to do the responsible thing first and say, that I’m not planning on any new posts for the next three weeks. No, it isn’t because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s definitely me. Furthermore, I can neither confirm, nor deny, that there may, or may […]

Failing At Blogging?

  Failing At Blogging That’s what the tweet said. Mimicking one of those desperate 900 numbers from the 90’s that wanted to teach me TV VCR repair. “But I’m just a chubby child? What am I going to do with the knowledge to fix a VCR?” Looking back now, I could have made some major […]

Blogging On The Cheap

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Blogging has been a hobby of mine for the last three and half years. That’s a long time for me to stick with anything. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older that I’m able to focus better on one thing. Perhaps I simply enjoy blogging so much that I’m still willing to put in the time. […]

Throwback Thursday

    What’s the statute of limitations for Throwback Thursday? That’s what I pondered this morning as I set up Buffer for the day. Maybe I was being a little liberal with the hashtag, but I don’t feel that I abused it. Seriously though, how old does the content have to be? Do I need […]

Break Time And A Glimpse –

Sweatpants Life

    I’ve been working on quite a few posts and projects lately. Somehow, I’ve managed to not have a complete post for this week. I guess it happens to the best of us and I should have planned it a bit better. Instead of getting a “Sorry, I didn’t write anything this week.” I […]

2016 Is Dead!

Sweatpants Life

     Long Live 2017! Don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya 2016. You were a terrible fucking year and I will loathe you until my dying breath. Surrounded by loved ones and machines keeping me alive, with a raspy and gaspy voice I will say, “I love you all, […]