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New category, OOC or Out of Character for You People who don’t know a thing about LARPing. Not that I, myself know a lot about that topic, but I know more than the average schmo. This is a chance for me to take a break from being a smart ass and/or a grump bear and write about something else. Topics that are a little more personal and a bit more honest.

Out of Character

I got some good news today. News that made me grin from ear to ear. The kind of good news that is even better because I wasn’t expecting it. Like winning the lottery or getting hit by a dump truck, that is owned by some rich company, and getting to sue the pants off of them and it causes no long term disabilities.

One of my besties from, hell, how best to describe it? I guess from the first half of my life. Yeah, something like that. Sometime around the mid teens on. Heck, we were even roomies a couple of times. Anyway, this guy I’ve known forever is coming up to my neck of the woods this summer. While he isn’t coming up to specifically see me, we’re still planning on seeing each other. This is a big deal as it will be the first time in seven years. Give or take. Regardless, it’s been a long time. I can’t wait!

I find it kind of strange though. It’s been twelve years since I moved to Canada. There are people I’ve only seen a handful of times since, there are others I haven’t seen at all. Yet, it still seems like yesterday. Like that part of my life was put on pause. Whenever we do run into each, we simply unpause it and basically pick up where we left off. While we’ve all changed, we haven’t changed that much.


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