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It’s Snowing

Here on the west coast of Canada, in the lower mainland specifically, we don’t get that much snow. Sure, it snows in the mountains and anywhere more than an hour’s drive away from the downtown core, but it doesn’t really snow in the city all that often. Once a year we get a little something. Before the tail end of 2016, the last significant snowfall was in 2014, during February. Now, almost three years to the day we are having record breaking snow fall. It’s blowing the stuff at Christmas out of the water.

When I left work – on foot luckily – it looked like a scene from a zombie outbreak movie. Cars were stuck in every direction. Only one car was able to move during the light change. I couldn’t see the bus that was supposed to be arriving in five minutes and decided that it probably wasn’t going to be coming for some time. So, I mumbled something under my breath, threw my book in my backpack and started walking. The going was pretty smooth due to the fresh powder that had filled in the well-worn and packed down snow, making it a more grippy and level.

It’s Still Snowing

After about six blocks or three bus stops. I reached one of the causes of the traffic. A car had slid perpendicular to the lane and cars were having difficulty getting around it. Compounding that was that it was on a hill so the other direction was screwed. Then to my right what did I see? My bus! It wasn’t supposed to be there, it was blocks off course. I knew I had chosen right. The traffic had thinned in the direction I was heading and I was about to catch a random bus.

I ran as fast as I could, which was more than adequate. As we got on the driver prompted us not to pay. He jovially said, “Nobody cares! I’m already thirty minutes late. No, there wasn’t a detour I slid passed the stop and just came this way. Look at the weather guys, just get in and let’s get you home.”  He was awesome. All was right with the world. I got a seat at the back of the bus and was contemplating pulling out my book.

It’s Still Snowing, More

Then I saw the brake lights. I rode the bus for exactly one stop before it became mired in the traffic once again. Figuring I might as well walk and I could catch the bus later, I jumped out and started my brisk walk that, at times, bordered on a jog. After a kilometer and walking up most of a very steep hill, I caught the bus. The driver was awesome. No matter how screwed the bus seemed, he got us up that hill. He’s one of those guys who deserves to wear the horseshoe mustache he had.

All in all, it was eventful and pretty fun. It’s not every day I get to out walk a bus for a kilometer. Although, I’m really glad it came when it did. My beard was a snowy mess, my jacket and toque were getting pretty saturated, and my glasses had just recently decided to be in a perpetual state of fogginess. The fun was subsiding. As I got off the bus,  recalled what I had mumbled under my breath an hour prior, as I decided to walk. I hoped was wrong, I still had a few minutes, but was still too late. The bakery had closed. So my statement, “I’m not getting an apple fritter.” sadly came true.


Honestly, all I can think about are apple fritters. Not Tim Horton’s apple fritters, real apple fritters.

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