Delta Airlines: Will Everyone Just Chill The Hell Out For A Second?

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Did You Hear The News About Delta Airlines?

Some guys were kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for speaking Arabic. That doesn’t sound to unplausible these days. Many cowards are scared when it comes to Muslims. No one should be kicked off of a plane for speaking a different language and many people on twitter were in agreement with that. So much so, that there was a boycott Delta hashtag trending last night.

Of course, not all the tweets were in support of a boycott. Some were declaring there were other videos of Adam Saleh. I didn’t click those links, but instead chose to google him myself. I wanted an unbiased path to information. Which meant I was going to go to his YouTube channel. I could have also gone to his Spotify or Google Play pages. Heck, I could have gone to his wiki page. All of these were options under his picture and the label, actor.

Now my inner contrarian was all worked up. Hortin’ and snortin’ like some caged beast just wanting to get out. I watched a video of him pranking his friend by covering his nose in blood and saying that he had been punched. There were links for many other videos of hoaxes, suitcase smuggling, and just being, in general, an “entertaining” race-baiting douche bag. I didn’t click them, I didn’t feel like giving him the traffic. However, I will say that I had enough reasonable doubt to write this.

Distorted Reality.

So, who to trust? The guy that showed a clip of video that shows his side of the story and who has a history of crying wolf or everyone else on the plane? Granted that plane was in London and there was that whole Brexit thing recently, but is our faith in humanity that low?

Let me be clear, it is wrong for anyone to be kicked off of a plane for simply speaking a different language, but is that all that happened? I vote to wait for more information before rushing to justice, i.e. boycotting. Don’t show up to the trial with torches and pitch-forks until we know all the facts. If nothing else, twitter is proof as to why we have a justice system.


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