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Sweatpants Life

In the last post, I announced that I was moving the blog to a new site. Well, that site is up and running as of right now. I wanted something easier to remember and a little easier to pronounce. I also thought that Zweihander Plus Eins made me sound like a tinfoil hate wearing upstart. I wanted something a little more friendly and comforting. A name that says, let’s gripe about politics and social issues until it becomes too overwhelming. Then let’s talk about something that happened back in the 80’s. It’s been decided that Sweatpants Life is that name. Head on over there now and please hit the subscribe button. If you’re already following or subscribed to Zweihander Plus Eins, you’re good to go. That is all going to carry over so don’t worry about it. For now, you will see almost all of the posts on Zweihander Plus Ein. There will be more coming soon.

In the meantime, give it a test drive, browse some lost treasures and see how it all shakes out. Although, I am fairly certain everything is working. If not, I can fix it. Why not? It’s the patch age. If you have issues – or you just want to talk – feel free to send me a mail at

I will miss the small amount of random hits I receive each month from Germany.

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