Bag Your Own Damn Groceries or Fail After The Fall of Society

It’s burrito week at our place. Don’t worry, they are pretty light on the beans and heavy on everything else: Guacamole, coleslaw, pico de gallo, and lime and cilantro rice. We were running low on salsa. I made eleven jars last time, but we kind of went through them faster than expected. Since I think it should be a federal offense to have burritos without salsa, I had to run to the store and buy some.

I love our grocery store and have been going there for years. Let me tell you though, I do not like it around meal time or after brunch hours. Basically, when hipsters appear en masse. The aisles are narrow and some folks simply stand there in slack jawed amazement at the sights and sounds of a busy store. Literally. They stand there and wonder what it is they went to the store for. How about a pad and pencil so you can make a fucking list? Okay, I am getting mad about something I am not even mad about, this time.

I flew into the store and grabbed the salsa that I wanted. It is salty and delicious. Not as good as my homemade stuff, but still delicious. I headed to the cash register. All of them were quite full, so I picked one and proceeded to space out. It is a trick I have taught myself in recent years. A good way to increase patience and let the time fly. Because time flies when you’re not paying attention.

That was me, until I became aware of two customers in front of me. After requesting plastic bags, she just stood there. Her card was in her hand and for a moment she acted like she may start bagging her own groceries. That is, until she remembered that she is the queen of the universe; that she had a line of people behind her and an able bodied cashier to do it for her. So, there she stood. A growing pile of groceries and several plastic bags in front of her. All she had to do, was put them together. She didn’t. The cashier finished ringing her up and quickly placed her items in the bags.

Seems to be more proof that we are screwed as a race. I could also, just be high strung. Am I crazy? Either way, see you at the end!


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