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For a little over the last year I have been looking into getting a laptop. What started it all was a heavy interest in chromebooks. I figured why not? I didn’t want to spend a lot money. A majority of the time I spend in front of the computer at home is spent writing. Somedays after a day of sitting at a desk all day, I want to get up and go sit somewhere else.

Of course reviews of chromebooks have been a little dicey. I wasn’t sure if I was fully ready to let go of windows. While there are plenty of apps and extensions for chrome, there was an uneasiness for leaving an ecosystem I’ve used for most of my life. What if I want to install some random program? Is the google print cloud that big of a nightmare?

I wasn’t sure how I felt about getting a little light laptop to do all my work. For that reason I looked around at a lot of other laptops. To be honest a lot of Windows laptops would get me in the range that I would start spending more and more money. Why not throw on an extra $500 and get a better graphics card? Why not spend over $1000 and future proof this thing? Of course a good chunk of that money seemed to always go towards touchscreens and the ability to have a tent. Which were areas I wasn’t interested in. On top of it all, they just kept getting larger and heavier. I started losing the point. Lost sight of what got me started.

When this all started, I wanted an inexpensive laptop and if it were red, so much the better. In the weeks before buying I did a lot of research on the various builds. I settled on the Asus C300. I showed my wife and she hit the buy button for me. And that was that. This is my inaugural post on this bad boy. One of many. I have a crap load of tabs open and music streaming and it is running just as well as my desktop. Am I pleased? Yes.

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