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My wife and I watched the X-Files relaunch on Sunday night. She is a big fan and wanted to watch it live and not PVR’ed. We barely got to the couch by 6:58. There was some football game on. Apparently it was a big deal and was still in the throes of ingratiating itself and fans of the sport. They announced the X-Files would start after the post game show. Which meant we were going to have to jock it up for an uncertain amount of time. I was guessing twenty to thirty minutes. Sure we could change the channel or walk off, but we ran the risk of missing the beginning of The X-Files.

I got through it by knowing that we weren’t the only nerds in this situation. Being inundated with testosterone and commercials, not having a single clue or care about what they were talking about. Just a bunch of old beefy guys talking about the sport they love and how great team x played over team y. I assume that team x and y are easily swapped depending on the winner. Every now and then there were insightful interviews with players and coaches.

“Coach tell us what happened!” says microphone lady

“We lost today because we didn’t play well.” coach responds. No wonder why this guy gets paid the big bucks! He was able to ascertain that not playing well equals losing. Good on him. Of course this went on for sometime. No interview actually said anything that we already didn’t know. Some were happy, some were sad, you take the good, you take the bad.

Finally the show started. Wait, no just more commercials. Now, the show started. Overall it was fine. There was quite a bit of fast paced exposition to address the ten year gap and get the plot rolling. More commercials, now back to the program. Stuff happens, Mulder says stuff, Scully says stuff.

Although I have no idea what she said because a big white box with a Burger King logo popped up and the bottom of the screen. I am used to seeing these kinds of ads, which is sad when I think about it. What I wasn’t used to seeing was the countdown clock to the commercial. Like I need a countdown clock to a commercial. The postgame had a countdown for The X-Files which I get, but a freakin’ commercial? What one tooth inbred screams “Shheee-ooot Cousin Dumbfuncle Bob, git yeer redneck type two ass back on up in nyhere dar gon’ be a Booger Kin commercial!”

On another note, the second episode was way better and suffered a little less from ads in general. It certainly didn’t have the Burger Box of Wonder. I did to fully acknowledge why we haven’t watched TV on major channels in years.

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