National Hug Day

I know I have talked about these unofficial national and international holidays before. There are just so many of them, who has the time to celebrate them all? How many celebratory days does it take before they lose their lustre? Well today I am not saying that! I have changed my mind and lifted the embargo. Today is national hug day!

What could the world use more than a hug? Well, a lot of things to be honest. However a hug could be the foundation of those things. In this time of  being on the brink of war, rampant media fear and xenophobia why not break down some barriers and give someone a hug. Bring ‘em close and let them know that if at least nothing else, you don’t hate them.

Maybe it is the Adele that unexpectedly started playing on my streaming service. Maybe it is just all the violence. Maybe it is just the waking up early funk. Whatever the reason I am down with this idea. Which is huge because I am not a hugger. To get a hug out of me you have be a level ten friend. We have had to have gone through some shit. On top of that, I am weary of these national (insert whatever) day. Quit reading and go hug someone.

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