Our World, Right Now.

I am so frustrated I just want to scream and pound on my keyboard. Why is it that anytime the world actually tries to take a step forward for team humanity, there are lugnuts that drag their feet and eventually throw themselves down in the dirt and throw a huge temper tantrum. Conservatism. There are a few pieces of it I get. I lean left, but sometimes all these leftists get on my nerves. Always trying to protect everyone from everything by employing politicians and bill writing interns. However, when the world is obviously in trouble! When there is scientific data proving, beyond a doubt that glaciers are melting, weather is becoming more severe, and climates are changing. When it is obvious that the terrorists want us to be terrorized. To be divided by hate and ignorant fear. It boggles my freakin’ mind.

Look, I know that those terrorist bastards are scarey. However, if we are scared, the terrorists are winning. If we are spreading hate filled and fearful rhetoric online, we are helping the terrorists. If we are closing our doors because we are scared of every single outsider just because they don’t look or pray like us, we have already lost.

Reach back in the muck of that brain of yours and dig up the memory of one of those dreams where you are running from something and you are trying to get help from someone. They won’t budge! They can’t hear you! They won’t help you! You thought they would. They seem to help everyone else all the time, but they just ignore you. Remember how scary those kinds of dreams were?

Now empathize a little bit. Take that fear and magnify it. Bring it into the real world. Put yourself in a boat crossing a body of water so rough, so dangerous, that your chances of survival are actually worse than they were on land. Put yourself outside in the cold, in the dirt, in the mud. Put a lot of people around you. All miserable. Ousted from their homes by evil bastards. Their fates lie completely at the will of the people who have taken in refugees.

Take yourself away from your computer, tablet, or phone. Get away off of your couch, bed, toilet. What those people are leaving behind isn’t cushy first world life. They have known nothing but decades of war and strife. War right outside their front door, not on the television! Paris happens all the time there! Soldiers come and soldiers go. Dictators are killed and what rises from the ashes is even more truly terrifying. Why? Because it is the most broken, twisted, and destitute of people. People who have known only war. People who have nothing to lose. People who have nothing inside, but anger, twisted words and views of an organization. An organization that isn’t representative of an entire religion.

These people have twisted your religion. They enforce the most extreme views. Kidnapping, enslavement, executing at will. You have no freedom. There isn’t a standard of living. You are screwed, your life forfeit.

That is what you are running away from. So there you are in a land you have never been to. Cold, dirty, tired. Your journey began with friends and family and now you are alone. Some of them died along the way and others were separated along the various camps. There is not one familiar face, just faces with familiar stories. Surrounded by armed people speaking a language you do not understand. Overworked and fearful, they aren’t nice.

You didn’t come here for the hell of it. You came here because this is better than where you came from. You need help. You need somewhere else to go. Remember this feeling.

What happened in Paris was terrible. Casualty wise, it was like combining some of the six most recent mass shootings carried out on U.S. soil by white people. For the sake of avoiding an argument, I am going to exclude any shooter that wasn’t white or christian. The only difference between what those shooters did and what took place in Paris is they were white, christian, and solo. Could you imagine if all those single gunmen were united? If all six of those shootings were compounded into one? Then there would have been an attack that rivals Paris carried out on U.S. soil by white people.

With that in mind, do I think all white people are going to kill us? No. Do I believe that all christians are extremists? No. Why would I want to draw conclusions about an entire group of people based on such small and limited pool of reference?

There are sick and deranged people all over the world. They come in every color. They pray to any god or none at all. But for every single one of those people, there are thousands of good people. People who don’t want to hurt anyone. People who want to help others. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you. No matter how difficult it is. Be one of those people.


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