How Long Until Racism Is Gone? Tick – Tock

Bright and early. So early, it ain’t anywhere near bright. I rose out of bed and sacheted to my pc. Social media is a great way to start they day. Then I saw a story on facebook about an Islamic boy who made a clock and brought it to school. Of course all of this had to take place in Texas. The rest of it goes without saying, he has been suspended and arrested because he could not expand on a use for the clock. Maybe he should have said he was counting down the time until racism is gone.

So we all know that this is racial profiling at its worst. The kid just likes to build electronics and robotics. He is one of those science kids. All he wanted to do was show his teachers and peers. Hell, if I built a clock I would be walking around with it all day while asking people to ask me what time it was.

This isn’t D&D people. There shouldn’t be paragraphs written about all the different kinds of races. Paragraphs that explore stereotypes and pigeonholes for races and ethnicities. Just because one dwarf loves gold doesn’t mean they all do. Just because the drow worship Lolth the Spider Queen and are evil sons-a-bitches doesn’t mean they all are.

Back in our world we have many different races and religions. Each and every single one of them have their crazy dick heads that make my head hurt. Each one of them have their terrible drivers. Each one of them have their normal people. A group of people who just want to do their thing and get along with others the best they can. Who just want to contribute to society and get theirs. People, that on some level realize, that we are on fucking rock hurtling through space.

Luckily for everyone on this planet, normal people outweigh all the other types. Unfortunately for everyone on this planet, normal people are usually too busy being normal to get media attention. To the point that normal people begin to believe that there are not any other normal people. Unless there is some atrocity surrounding them. As there is in this case. Some normal kid who is smarter and more ambitious than some other kids built a clock. Because of his race, religion, name, and Texas he was arrested. The saddest part of the whole story is when he said he would never bring anything he made to school ever again. Way to crush him early.

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