A Bad Mama Jama of A Moment of Realization

The other day I was, heck I don’t remember what I was exactly doing. My hand was on a bag of cereal on the top of the fridge. I may have been putting it away. I may have been pulling it down to pour a bowl of some delicious organic cheerio clones. I know my dog, Bleu, was orbiting my ankles. He looked less shameful and more wizard like in his cone garb. For some reason, I started singing Carl Carlton’s She’s A Bad Mama Jama. That is correct, Carl only spelled jamma with one “m.”

The exact moment of realization came as my hand was touching the bag and the bag was touching the top of fridge. I know that in the song, the woman of topic is the best looking woman Carl Carlton has ever seen. Plus, she seems like she may want to do some stuff. I have heard bad mama jamma transcend gender barriers and be alternatively used as a way to describe a person who kicks butt. Hitherto a badass.

When I was little I seemed to run into song quite easily. I lived in the middle of nowhere and it seems that new music other than Def Leppard and country quit happening after ‘84. When people would listen to and sing along with it, not a single pair of eyes were batted. Why would they? The chorus is fun and the verses don’t vary much and repeat. I know this because I just listened to it. Carl says something about dimensions and curves, but never anything really specific. I guess in a way it is kind of body positive.

I digress. While we are at this break like juncture, I would like to let the faint of heart and the easily offended know that there is a some language coming up in the next paragraph. If you lean far to the right or far to the left, the next paragraph may not be for you. I would really hate for you to faint as your head comes rest on the keyboard typing “lllllllllll” continuously into the comment section. That being said, I will take all the comments I can get.

In the context of this song, I don’t believe that Carl Carlton meant it the way that I – and upon researching, the internet – realized it could be used. Mostly because I have never been in the situation where someone looks at a woman and use the phrase as a way to describe her physical beauty alone. As doing so would be a bit rough. Bad mama jamma is a very literal euphemism for – mother fucker! I have used mother stuffer a few times. Which I thought was pretty literal, but not enough to make people’s ears pop off. This is a word for word translation and doesn’t stray too far from the original. We have mama in place of mother, which doesn’t need further breakdown. Then we have jamma whose root is jam, which is basically to stuff or clog. Boom! Followed by the thudding sound of the mic hitting the floor.

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  1. “…all the comments I can get.”

    You’ll get a lot more if you switch to a font that doesn’t make people squint like an octogenarian at a Olive Garden menu.

    1. Why would I want to forsake my target demographic?

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