Deep Feed

Some mornings are better than others. Most are pretty good in my books. Some nights just aren’t as restful as I would like them to be. After waking up and the rigamarole, the first thing I do before I start writing is check the social media feeds. First! Because I care about each and everyone of you guys, except for one of you – I will let you discuss that. Second! Because there is usually some inspiration or a prompt in there somewhere. I am usually looking for something that makes my blood boil or something I can offer a sane person’s view on.

However, on those mornings that aren’t better than others. Those mornings that are the exception. I get trapped in the deep feed. Hypnotized by the sensation of my index finger constantly scrolling I continue deeper and deeper. Minutes pass and turn into hours that slowly add up to days. The incessant muffled clicks of my mouse wheel drive me deeper and deeper. I come across many things I have already seen. I know this is familiar territory. Old news. I continue. Scrolling and scrolling. Incorporating my scroll wheel on my wacom tablet I can move at a constant speed and use the mouse wheel as a rhythmically incremental speed burst. Is this the closest to time travel I will ever get?

I snap back to attention. Back to sitting at my desk. I realize I have gone to far. So far that I have to use the home key or click the header to get back to my current time. Once back at the beginning, I realize there are new posts. Many things have happened and been shared while I was time travelling. I begin to scroll.

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