The Clothing Line That Shares My Name

My name is Blake Standard and at one point, I shared my name with a clothing line. Not because I, as a fashionisto, thought it was the proper thing to do. Not because I was the muse that inspired the entire collection. Not because I was the designer. Honestly, I have no idea how it happened. Seemed like a wholly random act. I mean it is a good name, but a I have no idea how a designer conjured it from the ethos. Maybe I sold him a pair of jeans once when he was passing through town and stopped at the clothing store I worked at. Beats me!

I remember when I found out. My year long game art course was winding down and I was about to buy a domain. My instructor asked me if I designed women’s clothing. I stared at him in vaporlocked wonder. That is when he told me to search my name in Google images. The first hit was no longer a doo-ragged donning, twelve pound maul swinging image of me. Instead it was fully clothed women, pages upon pages of them. Quickly as I could, I opened a new tab and googled My predisposed choice of domain name had been taken! Instead of sweet images of game art, my site was filled with women’s clothing. Why would anyone choose my name for a women’s clothing line?

That was a strange day. My name seems to be pretty rare, even the surname doesn’t seem to be very common. Perhaps I just don’t inhabit the same regions where it is popular. However, as years went on, the clothing line became a great conversation starter.

Regardless, it has been about nine years. Blake Standard, the clothing line, sadly seems to have fallen victim to the recession. Albeit, a late victim of it. I found a kickstarter for a men’s line a year too late. I was seriously going to back it as the designer seemed like a genuinely nice guy, not some name appropriating villain who steals domain names for shits and grins. How cool would that be to have your name on the tag of your shirt and not in your mom’s handwriting?

Now I’m just toiling with the idea of tracking down the founder. I am not looking for compensation for the use of my name or wanting to sue the pants off of anyone. In a fit of narcissism that just won’t quit, I want to know how he came about choosing that name, Blake Standard. I have been wanting to do this for a few years. In fact, it used to be easy to reach out and ask the simple question. I always chickened out though. Now, it seems that I may have waited too long. Google isn’t giving me what I need and facebook and twitter seem to be derelict feeds. I guess that makes this search a little more dramatic. So, Pierre Colorado, if you are out there and if you want to, drop me a line. I would be glad to hear from you. In the meantime, I am going to do a bit more searching, a bit more procrastinating, and a bit more wondering over the ethical dilemma to contact you or not.

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  1. I’d be livid if someone stole my name for their company! Then again, people with average, popular names probably get it all the time because there’s always someone else with their name… I’d definitely be interested to hear how they came up with your name, please update us if you find out! 🙂

    1. I will most certainly do so. I guess you are right though about people with average names. Let me see how many John Joneses am I aware of.

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