Fourth Of July 2015

This is the first fourth of July after becoming a citizen du Canada. Now that I am a dual citizen I find it welcomed and unexpected that my patriotism for both countries is actually magnified. I thought one may wane, but that isn’t the case. I love both countries now more than ever before.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that it seems that the knuckleheads who put a black mark on our country have had the microphones taken away from them. That the moderates and leftists are yelling over the ignorantly hate filled and progressively stagnating rhetoric of the status quo of the last decade.

If you truly love someone, you will tell them if they are making bad life choices, that they aren’t hitting the quality bar they should be. I think for the past decade, many people haven’t been telling the country that they love what is wrong with it. At least not loudly enough to be heard over the beanheads.

Don’t worry, if you read some more of my posts I am not talking about sweeping changes. I am talking about getting into shape. America is a great country, but it has kind of let itself go over the years. Right now seems to be a good time to get off the couch and do some thrusters or political reform.

Maybe with a few more years of work the stereotype for Americans will change from bible thumping, gun toting, flag waving, stubborn ass redneck ‘Murican to something else. I mean pretty much anything would be an improvement. A considerable improvement would be if we became known as the country that calls a toque a beanie. That sounds much better!

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