Stuck In My Head

When I woke up this morning, for some unknown and unholy reason, I had some pop song stuck in my head. I can’t remember what it was for the life of me. What I do remember is that it is a fairly new song and while I don’t hate the song, I certainly do not go seeking it out. I also avoid stations that play it or other songs from its genre.

When I get songs stuck in my head, it always seem to be a pop song. Why don’t I get songs from genres I enjoy stuck in my head? Maybe I do, but since I am not offended by my subconscious’s playlist I don’t see it in negative connotation of being stuck.

However, having Lady Gaga repeatedly gabbin’ in my head “Ale, Ale-jandro, Ale, Ale-jandroooo,” is a huge freaking problem for me. I don’t know any more of that song, it is just a record skipping in the Jungian muck of my head. She keeps going! She is doing it right now because I had to keep saying it while I typed it out. For the love of google! Get out of my head!

I don’t mind getting pop songs from the 80’s or 90’s stuck in my head, those always seem to be a pretty good time. In fact, later on in the day someone at work said the phrase “Night and Day,” and before I knew it my brain had hit 88 miles per hour and was seeing some serious shit. I was whisked back to 1988 and was listening to Al B. Sure’s “Night and Day.” I don’t remember a whole lot of that song. I don’t think I liked it very much as a kid. Although these days I don’t mind it at all and can hum enough of the verse to trick my brain into thinking I know the song. That way I can progress and the song will become dislodged from my head.

Does anyone else out there have this same issue? What songs do you get stuck in your head?

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