National Running Day

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So apparently it is National Running Day. Many moons ago the savior of running was born and, according to history, ate a huge meal with the indigenous runners of the land. There was much peace and laughter. They taught him the double bunny ear lacing technique. He taught them the king pigeon and reverse king pigeon pose.

There seems to be national day for any and everything. I typically don’t take part in them. I mean if I want to go for a run, I am going to run. If I want to eat a donut, I will eat a freaking donut. If I want to talk like a pirate, I will look like a weirdo, but shiver me timbers.

I have been running for over two years so I guess at this point I am considered a runner. I will be taking part in National Running Day. I was planning on running today anyway, so Happy National Running Day! Did you have a good one?

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