You Aren’t Perfect, You Never Will Be, You’re Just Okay, Get Better Soon.

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  This morning I was drinking coffee and digging through twitter, facebook, and google+. I saw a post that said “imperfect, im perfect, i’m perfect.” Regardless of the literary late term abortion  “im perfect” is,  my anger cores began to lightly hum. Then I slowly began to realize that I may be an asshole.  Here is this image that is trying to say “imperfect, i’m perfect.” Which is what everyone needs to hear these days. You are fat, got hair in the wrong places, smell, sweat, and broke. But is it really?

  No I don’t believe it is. Either way, it isn’t what the egocentric or the uninitiated need to hear.  “Park the Lamborghini over there. Whoa no handshakes! Just fist bumps bro.” Says the douche bag.  “Tomorrow.” Says the person who does just enough at work to not get fired.  “Looks amazing!” Says the instagram photographer. “I’m perfect.” Says the poor soul who just maxed out their second credit card on plastic surgery. You are perfect. You have passed the finished line. Climbed to the top. There is absolutely nothing you can do to be better. Bullshit!

  Perfection is  rarely achieved, except in fleeting moments, that are usually blurred by nostalgia goggles. Perfection is what we should strive for everyday. All we can do is try to get better and go to bed exhausted for putting our best foot forward trying to be best human being possible, striving for perfection. We are all imperfect, but god damnit, we should all strive for perfection!  Even though we will never obtain it. And for that reason, we should love our imperfect selves.

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